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Epitalon Spray: Mechanism of Action

Epitalon Spray: Mechanism of Action

Bioregulators stimulates the pineal gland (epiphysis) to produce the necessary bioactive compounds to maintain general physical health. As a result, cells of the immune and neuroendocrine systems are updated, aging is slowed down, infection is reduced, chronic diseases recede.


Neutralizing of noxious free radicals


Free radicals are wsmolecules with one or more unpaired electrons on the outer shell. They have very high reactivity and a constant desire to interact with a nearby object. In the body, the function of free radicals is somewhat twofold. They neutralize inflammatory reactions, participate in energy exchange. Their excessive accumulation contributes to the oxidation of tissues and organs, violation of their integrity, inactivation of cell and membrane enzymes. An antioxidant based on epitalon and glutathione penetrates into mitochondria and neutralizes noxious radicals.


Telomere Extension


Telomere nucleotides are terminal fragments of linear chromosomes of somatic cells and are responsible for the division process. Their length depends on the cellular potential and the number of possible cycles of renewal to death. The telomerase enzyme catalyzes the synthesis of telomeres, lengthening them up to 20-33% so that the cells can multiply and do not age. So, the body receives anti-aging agents and the possibility of increasing biological existence by 30-40%.


Inhibiting of cancer tumors


The peculiarity of cancer cells is their ability to change behavior. They quickly degenerate, adapt to new conditions, become resistant to procedures and medicines. The mechanism of action of antitumor agents is quite diverse, but medicines cannot completely destroy neoplasms. A new generation of medicines that inhibit the further reproduction of modified cells has been called inhibitors. Epitalon bioregulator initiates the production of enzymes that penetrate and destroy affected cells, depriving them of vascular nutrition. As a result, the body itself destroys modified structures.


Attenuation of inflammation

Any inflammation is accompanied by tissue change at the cellular level. It can be caused by an irritant, mechanical damage, or penetration of pathogens. Bioregulators released by the pineal gland block the problem area and trigger accelerated cell regeneration. A heroprotective and antioxidant effect is manifested, substances are produced, and the likelihood of scarring is reduced.

Endocrine control

In addition, Epitalon is also an excellent endocrine regulator. So, the body can produce its own melatonin hormone in the necessary amount, which triggers the renewal of endocrine glands and peripheral cells. As a result, sleep cycles, circadian rhythms, neuroprotective properties are restored, an imbalance in the antioxidant and prooxidant systems is eliminated. Epitalon`s amino acids maintain normal blood sugar, muscle tone, and blood pressure.


Above results 

The natural epitalon bioregulators was obtained in the 80s of the twentieth century. Over the past 15 years, scientists have been able to finalize and synthesize its artificial analog. Given epitalon`s big help, it began to be introduced into the composition of many homeopathic medicines and supplements. By correctly using them, one can even stop the development of many serious diseases. And the melatonin produced under the influence of the bioregulator will slow down aging, renew many tissues and organs. Learn more about some medicines and order Epitalon spray online.