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– dietary supplement based on natural peptide EPITHALAMIN®and a mixture of vitamins and minerals for a balanced nutritional diet. EPITIDE®is a revolutionary product that has many years of research and application in clinical practice.

About CLUB120

About CLUB120

CLUB120 is an international multi-brand e-commerce platform that offers modern health and beauty products since 2018. We unite people interested in health, beauty and active longevity. The number "120" in the name of the club is not accidental. 120 years is a biological resource of human life span, inherent in nature.
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Epitalon Spray: Mechanism of Action

Epitalon Spray: Mechanism of Action

Epitalon is one of the main peptides regulating the cell cycle of the body, and altering the activity of telomerase. Each telomere is increased to the required length, stimulating cellular transformation and renewal. AGAG is an artificially synthesized compound whose molecule contains only four amino acids: alanine (Ala), glutamine (Glu), asparagine (Asp), glycine (Gly). Commercially, it is distributed in the shape spraying device.
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Peptides: what are they

Peptides: what are they

The peptide is the same protein, but it does not have hundreds of amino acids — from 2 to 50 (less often up to 100). Many of them produce human glandular cells, the rest enter the body with food.
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