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CLUB120 Rewards

Getting rewards is easy!

Make it a routine and save
Save time and money with a 5% discount on every order
- plus free shipping!

Place an order
5 points for every dollar spent

Order a discount
100 points = $1

What are CLUB120 Rewards? How does it work?
CLUB120 Rewards is a free way to get 5% cashback on CLUB120 purchases only. Every time you make a purchase in the online store, you earn CLUB120 points that can be converted into cashback.

As a CLUB120 Rewards member, you can expect to receive special offers, personalized product recommendations, and information on health topics that interest you.

How to earn CLUB120 points?
Creating a CLUB120 Rewards account is easy! Just fill out the form https://club120.com/account/register and enjoy the benefits of the CLUB120 Rewards loyalty program. FREE to join. Earn points.

When will my reward points appear in my account after purchase?
Your bonus points will appear in your account within 3 days after your items have been shipped.

Will my bonus points expire?
Yes. Like all good things, even bonus points run out over time. Rewards points are valid for a full year until they expire, so you have plenty of time to claim these rewards and go shopping!

How many CLUB120 points equals cashback?
One dollar spent in CLUB120 equals five bonus points. To receive a discount, 100 bonus points are equal to one dollar. With bonus points, you will be surprised how quickly your points will accumulate and rewards will be credited to your account!

Have a good shopping!