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Bioregulators: what are they

Bioregulators: what are they

Bioregulators is the same protein, but it does not have hundreds of amino acids — from 2 to 50 (less often up to 100). Many of them produce human glandular cells, the rest enter the body with food.

In each tissue, these compounds have an individual structure, but they all read information from DNA and are responsible for protein synthesis. Also, using interacting with various cell formations and enzyme systems, maintains the structure and functions of tissues of all organs.

In the process of exhaustion, cells lose protein and nucleotides, their reproducibility reduces, and the possibility of division and renewal is lost. Because of this, systems and organs are aging. The use of bioregulation involves the introduction of artificial compounds identical to natural ones into the body. Their purpose is to replenish and activate life potential. Each bioregulator performs the same functions and activates metabolic processes. Research in this direction has been conducted since the beginning of the 20th century, today more than 1,500 short amino acid chains are already known.

Benefits of bioregulators

Synthetic regulatory molecules of bioregulators began to be injected into the circulatory system and used in cosmetics from 60-70 years of the last century. But with the discovery of ultra-short chains containing from 2 to 5 amino acids, they learned to create drugs that are absorbed through food. Some such bioregulators are included in the dietary supplements presented on the site.

Bioregulators cannot do any harm to the body, do not cause toxicosis and allergies. Their action is softer and more manageable. However, a doctor s consultation before using a substance is still necessary. Synthesized bioregulators chains not only repeat the properties of natural analogs, but often exceed them in efficiency or duration of action.

Due to their small size, they more easily penetrate into the necessary structures of the body, are transported by the blood to the required organs, keep balance and adjust their work. As a result, many of them became part of common medicines: Thymalin, Thymogen, Pineamin, Retinolamin, Cortexin. It s vital for creating more and more information agents. If to use food additives on the basis of natural bioregulators for prevention, it is possible not only to support the body in excellent condition, but also to prevent the approach of serious violations in the work of organs and organ systems.

The ability to slow down aging processes

Every sensible consumer understands that even bioregulators are not able to completely slow down aging, but they can to withstand the inevitable wilting of the skin. They do not allow aggressive formations to destroy cells, affect the processes that occur in them. And to guarantee the entry of bio-additives into the body, special rejuvenating cosmetics, dietary supplements, food products are used.

Due to such a small size of bioregulators, they are successfully used in the creation of medical products of various directions by modern biotechnology companies. These constructional compounds, due to the small number of links, are easily absorbed with skin cells, improving their structure, and are absorbed into the blood by esophageal walls. And by rebuilding them at their discretion in the process of creation, new unexpected results can be achieved. Therefore, such work in the research environment is carried out continuously.

Wound healing and skin improvement

One of the most interesting areas of application of natural and artificial regulators is anti-age cosmetology. Presently, more than 600 such products have been registered in the industry. Full sensation has been demonstrated by bioregulators for the skin. They were able not only to quickly heal deep and superficial wounds, but also began to clean the pores, reduce salinity, reduce the mobility of facial muscles, increase the elasticity and firmness of the epidermis.

PAN VILON molecular cream will help quickly heal wounds and repair epidermis after injuries. It is recommended for any skin damage, including sunburn, post-traumatic scars, postoperative cicatrix.

Assistance in strengthening of immune system

Another important application of bioregulators is health precaution. For example, a unique bioregulators has multifunctional significance. It neutralizes fatigue and breakdown in case of lack of sleep, increases resistance to diseases, and also helps restore connective tissues, tendons, gums, vessels, fills the intercellular canals for transporting liquids.

STRESSFOLL dietary supplement with bioregulators EPITALON® and EDR is used to strengthen the immune system and combat emotional stresses. This is an innovative form, which also includes a vitamin-mineral complex in composition. The preparation also uses a vitamin-mineral complex that improves the functioning of the brain.

IMMUNGET restores the immune system and maintains its normal operation during diseases, with external injuries and various types of treatment, increases the effectiveness of therapy. Bioregulators has a special formula to help deliver the ingredients quickly.

EPITIDE will help to withstand stresses and viruses, as well as to defeat chronic fatigue. The innovative form of orogranules has no analogs in the world. Also, the nutritional supplement prevents the manifestation of menopause, normalizes metabolic processes, increases the overall resistance of the body, helps it to defeat the problems of the neuroendocrine system.


Today, all COVID vaccines are created on the based on bioregulator technology, and the bioregulators produced are used in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous diseases. And bioregulators repair the operation of cells, nutritional ones help to look after the skin and body. There are a lot of similar compounds in the human body: some monitor the health of the liver, others save the retina of the eye, others give the outer part of the skin velvety and firmness.

The Club120 website contains the most interesting products that one should pay attention to if one’s age is 25 or older. They will have an extensive effect since they are selected in the complex and will not resist each other. There are a lot of them in the world, and most are not yet known to humankind. But interest in them does not fade away. After all, having learned to influence them with the help of regulation, one can achieve stunning results.