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Premium quality of the products

All products presented in our online store have an international quality certificate and are manufactured in factories according to GMP standards *

The products undergo strict quality control and numerous clinical studies. Bioregulators have shown high efficiency in restoring vital reserves and rejuvenating the body.

We guarantee:

The authenticity of products;

The freshness of products;


All products are stored in warehouses equipped with modern climate control systems in accordance with the storage requirements for bioregulators preparations. Products are not exposed to humid air, hot temperatures, and extreme cold.

CLUB120 guarantees delivery of the order anywhere in the world as soon as possible.

CLUB120 offers the best products for health and youth!

* GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard is an international quality standard in the field of medicines, medical and diagnostic equipment, food additives, active ingredients, and some food products. The GMP standard requires manufacturers of high-quality products at all stages of production: the quality of the source material, the use of modern technologies that are safe for human health, requirements for the architectural planning of production facilities, as well as high qualifications of the personnel involved in production.