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PAN VILON - Advanced scar cream, Wound regeneration cream - Italy, 30 ml
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Cosmetic Peptides

Skincare with bioregulators is always a smart move to preserve your youth. While most bioregulators work best from inside our bodies, rejuvenating our tissues on a cellular level, some are proven effective while used on the skin.

What are bioregulators in skincare?

By their nature, bioregulators are amino acids ‒ basic building blocks for proteins ‒ that stimulate the production of cell-native proteins. 

In skincare, bioregulators work toward collagen and elastin production. These two essential substances play significant roles in skin integrity and visual condition. Collagen and elastin production decreases as we age, making the skin look dull and flappy. Also, these components are vital for skin regeneration ‒ for example, after some scarring.

Damaged skin cells need more collagen and elastin to heal correctly ‒ this is where bioregulators are put to work.

How to find out if your skin care products have bioregulators?

Not every bioregulator can penetrate the skin effectively enough to create positive changes. However, some bioregulators can ‒ Lysine amino acid is a great example. 

If you’re the one to look through the ingredients list with attention, you can look for:

  • Lysine and some other amino acids;
  • Khavinson bioregulators ‒ a patented bioregulator formula.

These components have small molecular weight and high skin penetration levels, ensuring they reach more profound levels of the skin and boost collagen and elastin production.

How to incorporate bioregulators into your skincare routine?

Its versatility is the main benefit of any bioregulator suitable for skin care. They work great with all skin types, providing practical and noticeable tightening and regeneration effects.

Skincare products containing bioregulators are also easy to use: apply them right after cleansing and before putting your moisturizer on.

Bioregulator-based skincare products can effectively heal burns, wounds, and cuts ‒ all you have to do is apply a small amount of the product on the problematic spot after you’ve cleaned it.

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Club120 is your best place to buy skincare products containing bioregulators. It’s not the type of cosmetics that masks your imperfections ‒ bioregulators work toward healing and tightening your skin, supporting its youthful appearance. 

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PAN VILON - Advanced scar cream, Wound regeneration cream - Italy, 30 ml $39.00