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AYORI Miracle Serum, nourishing serum with KHAVINSON PEPTIDES - Italy, 50 ml


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Action: Deep hydration and protection of the skin from external factors

Main active ingredient: A complex of peptide bioregulators that promote the synthesis of collagen and protein

Form: Serum (50 ml)

Manufactured: in Italy

Super concentrated AYORI Miracle serum is designed to rejuvenate and prevent early aging.

Manufactured in Italy

Product Overview

The unique serum is based on the KHAVINSON PEPTIDES® peptide complex and supplemented with plant extracts and lactic acid. Di- and tripeptides in the complex penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis, helping to protect cell structures from aging processes. Stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin strengthens the dermal framework, which is externally manifested by a pronounced lifting effect. Strengthening tissue regeneration helps to eliminate skin imperfections, increase its elasticity, and even out complexion. Plant extracts prevent inflammatory processes, soothe and tone the skin, and lactic acid gently exfoliates dead cells of the epidermis. With age, the absorption of nutrients by the body deteriorates, and their regulatory function decreases. The collagen-elastin framework becomes loose, the skin loses its elasticity, and its protective function decreases. Therefore, additional nutrition for the germ zone of the dermis and epidermis is so important.


The action of the AYORI Miracle serum:

  • helps activate the production of collagen and elastin

  • minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, and pores

  • enables skin cells to use their own proteins to stimulate rejuvenation and combat the signs of aging

  • delivers active anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing, and radiance-enhancing substances to the cells that require them most

  • enriches skin with the essential nutrients


The peptide bioregulators contained in the AYORI Miracle Serum help restore the functioning of all skin systems, thereby transforming the skin and improving its appearance.


Recommended for:

  • dry skin and loss of its healthy appearance

  • regeneration, nourishment, and maintenance of the functionality of all skin systems

  • producing a healthy, glowing appearance

  • dull complexion

  • regular exposure to negative external factors


It is useful to use a serum with KHAVINSON PEPTIDES® without pronounced cosmetic facial defects in order to prevent their appearance. Numerous reviews indicate that complete skin care can significantly prolong its youth.

KHAVINSON PEPTIDES® technology has been used since 1973 and has a lot of research published on PubMed. Scientifically proven and effective.



The active ingredient is the KHAVINSON PEPTIDES® peptide complex. Short peptides slow down the aging of skin cells and become building material for the synthesis of proteins in the dermis and epidermis. 



peptide bioregulator of collagen and elastin synthesis AED
Helps skin cells develop the maximum potential of their own elastin and collagen. Helps to tighten the face contour and restore turgor
peptide bioregulator of fibroblast production VILON® (KE)
The peptide bioregulator VILON® (KE) helps skin tissue accelerate the regeneration and recovery process. Helps to improve skin immunity and the ability to regenerate skin cells in inflammatory processes
vascular peptide bioregulator KED
Strengthens blood vessels. Thanks to this, the functioning of the circulatory system improves - the skin receives more nutrients and is better oxygenated.
peptide bioregulator that stabilizes cell structures EPITALON® (AEDG)
The antioxidant properties of the peptide bioregulator help the skin to cope with the effects of free radicals, which allows skin cells to cope with stress and other negative factors
Centella asiatica extract (17.45%)
natural antiseptic with regenerating properties
Used to treat minor wounds, burns, and scratches, Anti-inflammatory
Calendula extract (17.45%)
natural antiseptic and antioxidant
Due to its flavonoid content, calendula extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
Lactic acid
hyaluronic acid synthesis stimulator
Gently removes dead skin cells and moisturizes the skin. Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, thereby increasing skin turgor. Increases the barrier function of the skin.



AYORI Miracle Serum with peptides for the face is recommended to be applied in the morning and in the evening for 4-6 drops. Apply with light massage movements. In order for the active ingredients to penetrate into the deep dermal layers, after the serum, a moisturizing face cream in the AYORI complex is applied to the skin. Fix the serum with a cream with pronounced regenerating properties. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to supplement the treatment with AYORI Face Cream. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. We have taken care not only of the youthfulness of your face but also did not forget about the neck and décolleté area. Therefore, in the AYORI line, you will find an increased volume of serum of 50 ml.



Use externally only. Store in a dark place out of reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation develops.

Take care of your skin's radiance!